St. Louis Trip

Brian and I had a great time in St. Louis this weekend. After hitting a little bit of traffic on the way there, we finally arrived at out hotel around 8:30 on Friday night. We quickly unloaded the car and set out to find some food. We ended up at the Morgan Street Brewery where Brian had his Birthday dinner. After dinner we walked around downtown for a little bit and then returned to the hotel.

We enjoyed sleeping in late on Saturday morning, then we got up and headed out on the town. Our first stop was the Arch. We ended up not riding up to the top because the line was so long, but we did go walk around it and enjoyed the view.

Next, we headed over to Union Station. It was about a mile and a half walk and by the time we got there we were ready for some lunch. We ended up having lunch at the Route 66 Brewery, even though there were some other places that looked interesting. We walked around Union Station for a while and did a little shopping. On the way out, we stopped by the Hard Rock Cafe and looked around the gift shop. After that, we decided to head back to the hotel to relax and clean up. We discovered a train station and decided to take the train instead of walking the whole way back.

Back at the hotel, we went for a quick swim and dip in the hot tub. We took a little time out to relax and be lazy, then cleaned up and headed back out for dinner. Somehow we ended up at yet another brewery for dinner, where Brian enjoyed sampling all the different beers they had on tap. It was also my favorite meal we had all weekend. We stuck around for a few minutes after dinner to listen to the band that was playing there, then headed back downtown to Laclede’s Landing to see if we could find any good bands playing down there. We were unsuccessful in finding any bands we were interested in, but we had a good time walking around anyway. We decided to turn in early as we wanted to be able to get up fairly early on Sunday.

Sunday morning we got up early enough to enjoy our free breakfast buffet at the hotel. We packed up all of our stuff and checked out of the hotel, then headed over to the Edward Jones Dome for the Saints/Rams game. We were there about two hours early, so we walked around outside for a while, then went it to find our seats. Our seats were in the VERY top row of the dome. Even though we were high up, we still had a great view of the field. It ended up being a really great game. The score went back and forth and ended up tied at the end of the fourth quarter. By that time, much of the crowd had already left. As the game started into overtime, it was looking like the Rams might have the game won, but the Saints were able to stop them and came back with a field goal to win the game. Brian was getting very worried, but of course was all smiles once the Saints scored.

When the game was over, we started on our long drive home. We got home just after 8:00 Sunday night. We’re both pretty worn out, but very glad to have a weekend away from home. It was good for both of us to be able to relax. All of the animals were very happy to see us when we walked in the door. I don’t know about Brian, but I know I will be very happy to sleep in my own bed tonight!

Pictures of our trip are posted in the photo album.

Happy Birthday!

I don’t have much time, but I just wanted to take a moment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful husband. We’re getting ready to head out to St. Louis for the weekend to celebrate his birthday and go the the Saints/Rams game. I’m sure we’re going to have a great time!

Also, a big thank you to my Tanya & John for taking care of the animals while we are gone! We love you guys!

My first!

I just completed and got paid for my first real website design job!!! It was just a simple one page blog template, but the important part is that I GOT PAID!!! I’m kinda excited about that. I’ve done several pages, but all of the ones I have done so far have been freebies, mostly for family and friends.

It was also quite a compliment that the site I did was for a person who previously owned her own web design company. She said she loved my design, so I felt pretty good about that.

Time to relax

Brian and I have had a pretty nice weekend. We haven’t done a whole lot, but it has been very relaxing. We watched a couple of really good movies, did some necessary shopping and a little bit of cleaning. Today we got up early to go to church so we could be back before football started. Brian spent the afternoon watching football, while I spent it finishing up a website and napping. There is a whole lot more we should have been doing, but sometimes you just gotta kick back. We most likely are going to have a very busy week as we have to get the yard mowed, finish draining and taking down the pool, and finish getting the house cleaned up before we leave for St. Louis next weekend. Hopefully sometime in between all of that I’ll have a chance to work on my website a little bit more. If you are reading this, I’m sure you’ve noticed that my old site is gone. I’m working on a new design that I haven’t quite finished yet. Once I get the design ready, I still have to move all of my old content over and reformat it a bit.

I’m hoping with this new blog page, that I can keep the site updated a little more frequently. It also offers a little more interaction with my readers in the way of comments. After each entry I write there is a link below where you can write comments or say hello. My old blog page had this also, but I rarely ever got any comments, so I’m hoping that you will all use this one a little more.

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safe & sound

Brian and I were happy to find out tonight that Mike and Roxie are back home safe and sound after hurricane Ivan hit the Mobile area lastnight. They lost a little bit of siding, but other than that the house is still in standing and faring well. It looks like they will be without electricity and water for a while though.

The blessing though, is that they are safe and were able to get away before the hurricane hit.